Welcome to the Florham Institute for Lifelong Learning (FILL), where seniors 62 and older support inter-generational learning & enrich themselves through adult education.

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  SPring 2021 Registration is


FILL Registration is closed for the Spring 2021 semester. We will re-open to new registrants in May, 2021.


Tuition Billing Information:

We are highly recommending tuition bills be paid online through FDU's webadvisor since the staff are working remote until further notice.

If you must pay via check, it will be accepted, but please know that it may not be cashed for several months.

Checks can be made payable to: FDU

Please send checks to:

Attn: John Pasqua

Fairleigh Dickinson University

285 Madison Ave (M-MS0-04)

Madison, NJ 07876

FILL Mission Statement

FDU’s Florham Institute for Lifelong Learning (FILL) seeks to enrich the intellectual lives of traditional and non-traditional aged students through intergenerational collaboration, learning, and teaching. FILL facilitates university course audits as well as non-credit course programs for those 62 and older. FILL is committed to enhancing the experiences of all students at the Florham Campus and promoting the education of its members by giving them an opportunity to share their intellectual capital with a new generation, and by tapping the diverse academic, cultural, and social opportunities available in our University community.



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